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Car insurance

The Insurance and responsibility in case of damage/loss 

All the Cars subject to hiring are insured according to compulsory MTPL and CASCO conditions and the Renter bears a full responsibility towards the insurance company. By signing the rental agreement the Renter confirms that he/she has got acquainted and has also accepted the provisions of the insurance agreement.

In case the insurance company does not compensate the loss of the rented Car or the third party (their estate, health, passengers), when the refusal to provide insurance compensation is due to the Renter’s actions (inaction), including the violations of the insurance rules or in such cases when the loss isn’t linked to insurance, the Renter is obliged to compensate the loss to the Car, third party (their estate, health).
Compulsory MTPL insures those losses which have been caused due to the transportation means to the injured party, its estate. The losses of the third party are compensated by the following way:
Personal losses (injuries to health and lost wages/incomes as well as the injured party’s death – 3.000.000 AMD should be paid for an insurance accident.

Losses to the injured party’s estate – 1.500.000 AMD utmost should be paid.   In case the insurance company does not compensate totally the third party’s losses or it does not compensate at all, it is the Renter that assumes the responsibility for compensating the losses exclusively. The Lessor doesn’t bear responsibility for the losses caused to the third party by the Renter during whole the rental period of the Car.
CASCO insures the compensation of the losses of the rented Car as well as the driver’s, passengers’ personal losses in case of accidents, fire, car theft and other insurance accidents by the following way:
Passengers’/driver’s personal losses – 3.000.000 AMD utmost should be paid Damages of the Car totally, due to the insurance conditions, with the exception of the non-compensable sum.

The Renter, following the clauses of the rental agreement (including insurance contract) restricts his/her financial obligations essentially if he/she has informed about them to the Lessor on time (in case of necessity to the Police too).

In case of any accident, loss or damage the Renter should present a record defined by law as well as sufficient data about other parties of the accident or witnesses. The Renter, under no circumstances, should accept any third party’s demands.

If the Renter has followed the traffic rules, the clauses of the rental agreement (including those of insurance contract) his/her responsibility towards the rented Car and its passengers, in case of insurance accident, is restricted to deposit, moreover
● If it is the Renter that is guilty of the insurance accident (or the guilty party is absent), the Renter compensates at an amount of utmost deposit.
● If the Renter isn’t guilty of the insurance accident and there is a guilty party, the deposit is refunded totally to him/her.
● In case of loss of the constituent parts of the Car, damage or car theft, fire the Renter compensates at an amount of utmost deposit.

If the Renter hasn’t followed the traffic rules or any clause of the rental agreement (including that of insurance contract), he/she bears the responsibility of the accident (damage, loss, fire, etc.) totally and is obliged to compensate the estate and personal damages, losses of both the rented Car, its passengers and of the Lessor and the third party. The main clauses of the insurance contract and the details are comprise the inseparable part of these conditions.

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