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About us

The minimal rental duration of hiring the Cars is for 1 day. The maximum rental duration isn’t specified. The initial rental period is considered the moment when the Car is provided and the deadline is the returning date.The longer the rental period is, the lower the one day rental price is. There are special prices for long-term orders as well as for regular customers.The rental prices of the Cars include the charges for the technical maintenance, all the state taxes, compulsory MTPL and CASCO insurance costs as well as the change of the Car during its technical maintenance.The rental prices of the Cars do not include the driver’s charges as well as those of fuel,Car wash, parking and fines foreseen for infringements.Giving back the rental car before deadline, final calculation will not be made.

  • For 1 extra hour is free
  • 25% of 1 day rental price is calculated for extra 2 extra hours
  • 50% of 1 day rental price is calculated for extra 3 to 6 extra hours
  • 100% of 1 day rental price is calculated for more than extra 6 hours

In case of prolonging the rental period it is necessary to inform the Lessor in advance and after getting the Lessor’s consent, he/she should sign a contract concerning the extension of the rental duration.If the Renter doesn’t return the rented Car after 24 hours of the foreseen deadline due to the agreement, the Lessor can consider it as a Car theft and take the rented Car from any place without warning the Renter or can apply to the Police in order to take back the Car and proceedings against the Renter. In such cases it is the Renter that bears responsibility for the left things in the Car.

For more information please contact us: or call to: +374-98-70-00-44 +374-96-70-00-44

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